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our range of beans from around the globe, packed by the nairobi coffee company, are of an exceptionally high standard, at a super-competitive price - a unique combination. Plus of course the market leaders from Kenco Coffee, and our Espresso Prima price-conscious blend. For Segafredo Zanetti coffee beans please see the dedicated section of our store.

A Low Cost/Good Quality Coffee Bean - Espresso PrimaA Low Cost/Good Quality Coffee Bean - Espresso Prima
Blue Mountain Blend Wholebeans - 1 kiloBlue Mountain Blend Wholebeans - 1 kilo
Blue Mountain Blend Wholebeans - 6 kilosBlue Mountain Blend Wholebeans - 6 kilos
Costa Rica Wholebeans - 6 kilosCosta Rica Wholebeans - 6 kilos
Directors Blend Wholebeans - 6 kilosDirectors Blend Wholebeans - 6 kilos
Indian Monsooned Malabar Wholebeans - 6 kilosIndian Monsooned Malabar Wholebeans - 6 kilos
Lavazza Gran Ristorazione Coffee BeansLavazza Gran Ristorazione Coffee Beans
Lavazza Super Crema Coffee beansLavazza Super Crema Coffee beans
Lavazza Tierra Intenso Coffee BeansLavazza Tierra Intenso Coffee Beans